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Rose & Miguel would like to welcome you!

As the Latin beats cascade like a waterfall into your ears does your heart beat faster? You’ve heard of the connection that dancers experience with each other, as if time stands still and everything dissolves.  Are you wondering why you have become addicted to the feelings that engulf your body when you dance with the right person?  Perhaps, after being a social dancer you’ve decided that it’s time to polish your skills and stand out among the crowd. We all have our journeys in life and we would like to be your guide through the Salsa world.   

Ladies, let us share with you the techniques that will draw the attention of any individual in a room.  As Apprentice Instructors to Edie “The Salsa Freak” we have learned the secrets of the “It Factor,” this is the knowledge that has been passed down by generations of women on how to attract any man.  Physical beauty is just a small part of the larger power that every woman embodies, the greater portion is retained in the knowledge of how to establish a presence in a room.  Take notice of how without a word the most alluring women will command attention when they walk into a room, and ask yourself what makes that individual unique.  Through Salsa the unspoken allure can be developed and then radiated into all areas of your personal life.

Gentlemen, it is no surprise that women express themselves best while dancing.  Unfortunately, the lack of men that desire to share this pursuit with them is disheartening.  Is there anything like a woman’s smile when you tell her that you know how to dance, if you haven’t experienced this now is the time.   While Salsa instructors are a plenty this is what we can offer to you:

  1. Learn the steps and patterns to enchant any woman
  2. Master the ability to take any woman on a journey of senses that will leave her breathless
  3. Gain the ability to display your masculine qualities that appeal to any woman and open the doors to life’s greatest opportunities
We specialize in both On-1 and On-2 Instruction.

This journey will challenge you, but the knowledge that you will receive will change your life.

Let us lead you to a memorable Life!


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