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About Miguel

My appreciation for dancing was developed at an early age, in part due to my parents who shared a passion for dancing.  As a spectator to the joy they both found in traversing the dance floor at many family parties I became fascinated.  In my enthusiasm to imitate their footwork I often fell and lost interest.  It was not until I was older that I was enrolled in Ballroom Dance lessons in College.  This was my first look at many dance forms ranging from Waltz to Tango.  This was also the time when the initial budding of Salsa began in my life.

Near the end of my collegiate path I developed into a recognized soccer player and decided to train to become a professional athlete with the Major League Soccer league.  Soccer training left very little time for dancing but the soul of music would arise inside me every time I would hear the sweet Latin tunes.  After many years of absence as a Salsa dancer the time came to nurture the passion of the past.  As a regular social dancer at places such as D-Note, La Rumba and The Turnverein there came a point where my skills required polishing.

After meeting Edie “The Salsa Freak” my Salsa progress sky rocketed beyond my imagination.  Her leadership and guidance was the missing piece in my journey and at this point in my life I have never danced with so much passion and attitude.  My journey from a beginner to a Salsa Instructor has allowed me to learn from many mistakes and grow more confidently as a person.

My goal is to share this knowledge with everyone and assist those who are beginners to traverse the Salsa world.  Salsa is not found in the patterns and steps but deep inside, it is the unique beat that generates within a person.  One of the greatest joys that I have found is freeing the energy that is trapped inside all of us, let us not be confined by the trials of life.  I welcome everyone and endeavor that this journey will change you for the rest of your life.

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