Lumbre Salsa
Dance Company

Qualifications (Specializing in both On-1 and On-2)

Colorado Black Belt Apprentice Salsa Instructors

Black Belt Salsa Group Lessons (Tuesday Nights 7:30PM - 9:00PM)

Highlands Masonic Center
3550 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80211

Principal Salsa Instructors -- Pachanga Latin Workout Studio

Beginner's Salsa Group Lessons (Classes are no longer offered)

Pachanga Latin Workout Studio
700 S. Buckley Road, Unit K
Aurora, CO 80017

Black Belt Salsa Instructor Apprentice Curriculum Certifications

Blue Belt Certification On-1 (Black Belt Salsa Apprenticeship)
White Belt Certification On-1 (Beginner's Curriculum)
Orange Belt Certification On-1 (Intermediate Curriculum)
Red Belt Certification On-1 (Men's & Women's Styling Curriculum)
Green Belt Certification On-1 and On-2 (Intermediate Curriculum)
Brown Belt Certification On-1 and On-2 (Men's and Women's Spins)
Camouflage Belt Certification On-1 and On-2 (Intermediate Curriculum)
Yellow Belt Certification On-1 and On-2 (Intermediate Curriculum)
Dark Blue Belt Certification (Black Belt Salsa Primary Instructor)

Park Hill Dance Academy-Production of Nutcracker (Dec. 20, 2014)

Miguel - performing as a principal in the role of Prince and performing a Salsa routine.

Rose - major cast member performing the World's first Salsa routine during the Nutcracker Ballet.

Park Hill Dance Academy-Shel Silverstien Tribute (March 14, 2015)

Miguel - performing as a principal for the Contemporary piece choreographed by Karlyn Griswold.

Rose - major cast member performing in the Ballet A'la Salsa team's Doll Dance team.

Various Live Performances in Korea (On-2)

During Rose's time in Korea she has performed several live Salsa routines On-2

2014 Denver Congress "Fortezza Salsa Challenge" Performance

Miguel was a dance member in the Fortezza choreographed On-2 Salsa Challenge

Colorado and Company KUSA Tv (October 13, 2015)

Performed on live television alongside Edie "Salsa Freak" and taught the television host how to dance Salsa (

2015 Denver Salsa Congress Performer

Core Member of 29th Street Studio Dance Teams (Men's Styling, Intermediate Couples Salsa and Bachata)

The Arvada Center Dance Theater Production of "Bravo" (November 6-7, 2015)

Miguel performed in "Boundless" on both nights

Crossroads Theater Production of "Convergence" (November 13-14, 2015)

Miguel performed in "Boundless" for three shows

Private Lessons & Performances

Special Events & Performances

Call for availability and pricing

Community Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Call for availability --- Monthly Donation of 6-10 hours per month

Private Lessons

$60/hour with a 2 hour minimum (Price stays the same for one person or a couple)

Pricing doubles for 3 or more people

Email us at:

Or contact me directly:

Miguel (303) 974-8352

We're also on Facebook: Lumbre Salsa
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