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At this time we are no longer offering a weekly group class.  We would like to thank all of our students for their support and wish them a fantastic dancing adventure.  Please visit for weekly classes located at the Masonic Center in Denver, CO.

Black Belt Salsa is the #1 Partner dance school in the world. Our beginner weekly classes are based on a curriculum that progresses from the Fundamental concepts of partner dancing all the way up to Advanced level (multiple spins, men's and women's styling, Lifts and Dips, and Musicality). 

Our mission is to create the Best Social Dancers and Instructors in the World.  Beginner's will progress through multiple belt levels learning all the ways that a move can be performed with the hands, shoulders, hips, and knees.  Each belt level contains 3 months of content designed to build upon each other.


Black Belt Salsa Classes are available worldwide.  To learn more about Edie "Salsa Freak," monthly specialty workshops, and our Tuesday night classes in Denver follow this link:  


Special Events & Performances

Call for availability and pricing

Community Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Call for availability --- Monthly Donation of 6-10 hours per month

Private Lessons

$60/hour with a 2 hour minimum  (price is the same for one person or a couple)

Pricing doubles for 3 or more people

Schedule Performances or Private Lessons

Email us at:

Or contact me directly:

Miguel (303) 974-8352


We're also on Facebook: Lumbre Salsa                                    and Black Belt Salsa (BBS) Aurora, CO
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